Here at the AGRC, we are all about family and community - and in keeping with that traddition, we've implemented a new thing called Travel Tone Tuesday, which allows all licened GMRS operators in the valley area to try out the PHX 500 machine and interact with club members.

What is the "travel tone?" Way back when, an unofficial standard by any means was introduced across the nation: those with repeaters in the amateur and non-professional setting wanted a way for travlers to access repeater systems to stay in contact, and for emergencies. It was decided that a standard CTCSS tone should be implemented, and the tone chosed to be dubbed the travel tone became 141.3 Hz.

Why exactly are we doing this? Simple, we like participation! Every Tuesday from 0600-2200 the travel tone is added to the PHX 500 machine atop the White Tank mountains in the west valley for everyone with a GMRS license to use. Since the club holds it's bi-weekly 1900 Net on Tuesday as well, it's a great opportunity for GMRS operators to communicate and meet fellow enthusiasts, and get involved. We encourage anyone with a valid license to get on the repeater and make contact, and check out the great coverage area. We would love for you to join the club and become a regular member and have full time access with us, so why not check it out next Tuesday? We look forward to hearing from you!

462.550 Mhz
PHX 550 T
141.3 Hz

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