Arizona GMRS Repeater Club

The AGRC Maintains A Few Repeaters!

The Arizona GMRS Repeater Club maintains only one repeater in the valley: the Phoenix High Powered 550 machine, covering the metro area, and well beyond in some areas. Mountain top installations are always the best, and it's tough to get a repeater on a mountain here in the Phoenix area. Dues from members go to the maintenance and associated fees with placing the repeaters in the highly competitive locations. The other repeaters listed are maintined by club members.

PHX 550 Repeater

Phoenix High Power 550

The club's own repeater is located on the White Tank Mountains in the west valley and has has excellent coverage in and out of the city with it's elevation at 4000' and operating at a full 50 watts of power. This repeater has a backup propane generator to keep the repeater operating during power failures.

50 Watts

Live Audio from PHX550

SCT 600 Repeater

Scottsdale 600

Owned and operateted by a club member, this repeater is situated on a mountain top at about 2600', the repeater antenna utilizes a corner reflector to reach out into the southwest, with decent coverage in the valley

20 Watts


Mesa 700 Repeater

Mesa 700

Owned and operateted by a club member, this repeater is located in centeral Mesa, soon to be far east Mesa. At a full 20 watts, this provides excellent local area coverage for the north and central areas of Mesa, Tempe and south Scottsdale.

25 Watts

Mesa 725 Repeater

Mesa 725

Owned and operateted by a club member, the Mesa 725 repeater, is excellent for local coverate in central Mesa and the surrounding areas. At 1200' ASL, it's solid 20 watts is a strong signal.

20 Watts